Reinventing the textbook

Jo Bottrill

Today’s Apple announcement about its new e-book publishing platform and tools could well be the gamechanger we’ve long been expecting.

These tools all require digital content of course, and properly structured content has to be the key to really take advantage of the opportunities of digital publishing. Converting your backlist to structured content like XML and EPUB can really help you unleash the value sitting in your PDF and paper assets. And there are plenty of other platforms and formats out there – EPUB is still very much alive and well.

Use XML to future proof your content and you’ll be ready for the next big publishing announcement!

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  1. Sarah Price says:

    This ties up well with yesterday’s post (BETT 2012 – integrated workflows required) about the threat to the big education publishing houses from teachers writing their own elearning materials. I see from the Apple announcement that Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are getting stuck in already.

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